• These Of Terms
  • These Of Terms
  • 1. Accounts
    We are not responsible for Losing your secret number or ID.
    Trading accounts or items for other servers is at own risk.
    We help scammed players only if you have proofs of scamming. Without proof its your problem.
    Attempting to buy or sell accounts and items for real money (eBay, PayPal, etc) is allowed
    Sharing accounts or items is at own risk. We wont restore items when we find out you gave away your PW/ID or used the same ID/PW info on another server.

    2. Scamming
    Account sparing is on your own risk. Think twice before you start sharing account with anyone.
    We got knowledge about scammed items. Player which got scammed items will be hardwae and ip blocked.
    If you doing deal with party members about drop. And they not respect it they will be punnished if you have proof of deal.

    3. Insulting
    GMs will not intervene for insults when it is on private messages or normal chat. Only stout insulting will be punnished.

    4. Hacking
    Any kind of hacking will be banned permanentny.

    5. GM Impersonators
    There are always people trying to ruin the fun for others. There may be people that tell you they are GMs and ask for your items or ID and password.
    Do not trust these people! A real GM will never ask you to give your items to him/her. We also will not ask you for your login details, if we need them, we can get them without asking. If you get scammed by these
    people we cannot help you. We do expect a certain level of intelligence from the players here.
    We hold the right to block players with names that match GM names.

    6. Update notifications
    Server news or required updates will be posted on Website and Game Updater.

    7. AFK-playing or botting
    AFK-killing is not allowed! If we catch you doing it, you will be banned, even if you are not using any illegal program to do it.

    8. Advertising
    Advertising other servers, in any way, is forbidden! You will be hardware and ip banned.

    9. Donations
    Ask GM about it .

    10. Dishonored list
    On page are Dishonored list with all offences. All are allowed to check which playes got some problems with rules. It will be proof for permanent bans for peoples which did many offences.